PHAOS Open Ring

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This open ring is a contemporary twist to the ancient art of granulation. Created from gold plated brass of the PHAOS collection, it is the ultimate showstopper.

Inspired by the nature and story of light and created in a conscious way, the PHAOS contemporary jewellery collection is built on the concept of eternity and optimism as a strategy for making a brighter future. 


Gold Plated 3D Printed Brass


Width 1.9 cm Length 3.3 Height 2.4 cm

One Size Fits All

PHAOS Collection

The PHAOS jewellery collection draws inspiration from the nature of light as the core of everyday life, which laid the foundations for Modern Physics and Information Age. 

This entire collection is, after all, created from powder using light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation; it is 3D printed using a laser.

In addition, via the story of light, project PHAOS pays tribute to all the pioneers, those radically successful people who have a ferocious drive that makes them never give up.

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